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Bahamas Bureau of Standards and Quality (BBSQ) is a body corporate by virtue of the Standards Act (2006) and the Weights and Measures Act (2006) with reporting relationship to the Ministry of Economic Affairs. BBSQ’s primary objective is to establish the National Quality Infrastructure (NQI) by creating or adopting standards that drive socio-economic development. In addition to formulating these standards, BBSQ provides essential metrology, inspection, testing, and certification services, the latter three collectively referred to as conformity assessment. Moreover, BBSQ is entrusted with training, consulting, and regulatory functions. It oversees a legal metrology and quality-related inspection service, ensuring compliance through market surveillance of non-food products.

At the heart of the BBSQ lies our unwavering commitment to Quality Assurance. Through the establishment of appropriate standards, we take charge of upholding and overseeing the excellence of products and services. Our relentless efforts are directed towards fostering a culture of quality in The Bahamas, one that leaves a profound and enduring influence on our regional and international trade markets, benefiting every Bahamian citizen, resident, and visitor to our beautiful shores.

Our work here at the BBSQ, guarantees access to international standards and technical regulations, assures consistent and reliable measurements of products, and sets up a system that will allow accreditation of testing and certification facilities in such a way that the results of these facilities will be internationally accepted. By embracing our National Quality Infrastructure, we extend crucial support to local industries and consumers alike. Our objective is to guarantee the adoption of standards and robust enforcement of technical regulations, with the aim of aligning The Bahamas closely with its international counterparts. This strategic alignment facilitates enhanced global connections and collaborations, contributing to a more interconnected and cooperative global landscape.

Achieved through meticulous and strategic actions, our core principle revolves around establishing a benchmark of excellence. We are passionate about making premium products and services accessible to all. Our goal is to enable easy access to high-quality offerings, whether produced locally or accessed through global markets via import and export avenues.

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The principal National authority for standards and quality.

Mission Statement

Advance national development through the facilitation and promotion of quality services in standardisation, metrology and conformity assessment to protect the consumer, enhance international trade and competitiveness of goods and services.

Standards Act

An Act to establish the bureau of standards to promote standardization in relation to commodities, processes, services and practices, and for connected purposes.

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