Library Overview

 The Library provides an area where the public can come and research Bahamas National Standards as well as other Standards from regional and international NSBs (National Standards Bodies) and Organizations responsible for Standards Development.

The Library provides the following services to the public:

1. Sale of Standards to the Public:

Private and public stakeholders can purchase Bahamas National Standards (BNS) from the Bahamas Bureau of Standards and Quality via the Information Services Center.

2. Research of Standards and other normative documents

The library is an atmosphere that all can come into and learn about the importance of Standards development and most importantly the work of the BBSQ who is mandated to promote a Quality Culture within Bahamas.

What are the hours of the Library?

The Library operates from 9am to 5pm daily. Persons can call into the Library via 326-1748 thru 55 ext. 313 for further information.
Persons can also send request for information to the following email address.

The Library houses the following:

Acts & Regulations

Metrology Signup and Purchase Form