World Standards Day

World Standards Day is celebrated annually to raise awareness of the importance of standards in our everyday lives. Standards are essential for ensuring the quality, safety, and compatibility of products and services. They also play a vital role in facilitating trade and commerce.

World Standards Day is a time to celebrate the achievements of the standards community and to look to the future of standardization. The theme for World Standards Day 2023 is “Standards for a Sustainable Future.” 


World Metrology Day

World Metrology Day is celebrated annually to commemorate the signing of the Metre Convention in 1875. The Metre Convention is an international agreement that established the International Bureau ofWeights and Measures (BIPM) and laid the foundation for the modern system of measurement.

World Metrology Day is a time to celebrate the achievements of the metrology community and to look to the future of metrology. The theme for World Metrology Day 2023 is “Metrology for a Sustainable Future.” This theme highlights the important role that metrology plays in ensuring the accuracy and reliability of measurements.

World Accreditation Day

World Accreditation Day is observed annually on June 9th to mark the significance of accreditation in various industries. It serves as a reminder of the pivotal role accreditation plays in enhancing confidence, credibility, and trust in the products and services we rely on. Accreditation ensures that organizations adhere to internationally recognized standards and best practices, contributing to a more transparent and reliable global marketplace.

World Accreditation Day is a moment to acknowledge the efforts of accreditation bodies and professionals who work diligently to uphold quality and competence. This occasion also prompts us to envision the evolving landscape of accreditation and its contribution to shaping a more sustainable and prosperous future. The theme for World Accreditation Day 2023 is “Empowering Trust in Smart Technologies.” This theme underscores the vital role of accreditation in supporting the deployment of innovative technologies while ensuring their accuracy, safety, and compliance with standards.