Terms and Conditions

Please read all terms before finalizing your purchase(s).

The following sets out the Terms & Conditions for the ordering/purchasing of all publications and services from The Bahamas Bureau Standards & Quality (BBSQ).

When you place an order for Metrology Services from the BBSQ or purchase Bahamas National Standards (BNS) or any other Publication(s), you accept these terms and conditions of sale.

1. TAXES – All prices are non-inclusive of VAT due to the BBSQ being a Statutory Corporation by virtue of its Standards Act Ch. 33A (2006).

2. ONLINE PAYMENT – Orders can be paid online via credit or debit card.

3. ADDITIONAL CHARGES – All bank charges for remittance are borne by the purchaser. Your payment information will be processed immediately and confidentially.

4. SECURITY – We use Standard Certificate SSL 2048 bit encryption. All proactive precautions will be taken to prevent a breach. In the unlikely event the website is compromised there would be rapid assessment and a recommended solution based on method of intrusion.

5. INVOICE – After an order is placed an invoice will be sent via email in PDF format for all online orders. The invoice will also be available for download. For hard copy purchases an invoice will be received upon purchase of payment.