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Aerospace series — Tube fittings for fluid systems, 5 080 psi (35 000 kPa) — Qualification specification

ISO 19631:2015 specifies performance and quality requirements for the qualification and manufacture of standard tube fittings to ensure reliable performance in aircraft hydraulic 5 080 psi (35 000 kPa) systems.

ISO 19631:2015 specifies baseline criteria for the design and manufacture of system fittings that are qualification tested on engines.

ISO 19631:2015 covers fittings from size ?04 to ?20 used for the following:

? separable/permanent pipe end fittings;

? permanent connection fittings;

? separable connection fittings.

ISO 19631:2015 covers fittings of the temperature types and pressure classes specified in ISO 6771.

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