ISO International Standard

Animal feeding stuffs — Determination of residues of organochlorine pesticides — Gas chromatographic method

This International Standard specifies a gas chromatographic method for the determination of residues of

organochlorine pesticides in animal feeding stuffs.

The method is applicable to animal feeding stuffs containing residues of one or more of the following

organochlorine pesticides and some of their isomers and degradation products: aldrin, op’-DDE, pp’-DDE, op’-DDT,

pp’-DDT, dieldrin, endosulfan, endrin, HCB, _-HCH (_-BHC), _-HCH (_-BHC), _-HCH (_-BHC), _-HCH

(_-BHC), heptachlor, heptachlor epoxide, op’-TDE (op’-DDD), pp’-TDE (pp’-DDD) and methoxychlor.

The lower determination limit for these organochlorine pesticides is 0,005 _g/g. However, the lower determination

limit is 0,01 _g/g for op’-DDT and pp’-DDT, and 0,05 _g/g for methoxychlor.

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