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Bamboo structures — Engineered bamboo products — Test methods for determination of mechanical properties using small size specimens

This document specifies test methods, using small size specimens, suitable for determining the following mechanical properties of engineered bamboo products: tensile strength parallel-to-fibre; tensile modulus parallel-to-fibre; compressive strength parallel-to-fibre; tensile strength perpendicular-to-fibre; tensile modulus perpendicular-to-fibre; compressive strength perpendicular-to-fibre; compressive modulus perpendicular-to-fibre; shear strength parallel-to-fibre and shear modulus parallel-to-fibre.

NOTE            This document provides an alternative test method to ISO 23478.

This document specifies test procedures for currently manufactured products as defined in 3.1 and 3.2 to evaluate material properties. The methods specified in this document are applicable to small size test specimens. The methods required to determine characteristic values, design values, or allowable values of the mechanical properties for a population are out of the scope of this document. Materials that do not conform to the definitions of bamboo scrimber or glued-laminated bamboo are beyond the scope of this specification.

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