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Biogas — Biogas production, conditioning, upgrading and utilization — Terms, definitions and classification scheme

ISO 20675:2018 defines terms and describes classifications related to biogas production by anaerobic digestion, gasification from biomass and power to gas from biomass sources, biogas conditioning, biogas upgrading and biogas utilization from a safety, environmental, performance and functionality perspective, during the design, manufacturing, installation, construction, testing, commissioning, acceptance, operation, regular inspection and maintenance phases.

Biogas installations are, among others, applied at industrial plants like food and beverage industries, waste water treatment plants, waste plants, landfill sites, small scale plants next to agricultural companies and small scale household installations.

The following topics are excluded from this document:

– boilers, burners, furnaces and lightening, in case these are not specifically applied for locally produced biogas;

– gas-fuelled engines for vehicles and ships;

– the public gas grid;

– specifications to determine biomethane quality;

– transportation of compressed or liquefied biogas;

– transportation of biomass or digestate;

– assessment and determination whether biomass is sourced sustainably or not.

ISO 20675:2018 describes the following for information purposes as well:

– the parameters to determine the size (e.g. small, medium-sized, or large scale);

– the parameters to determine the type of installation (e.g. domestic, industrial);

– the parameters to describe the type of technique;

– terms and processes in order to develop health, safety and environmental protection guidelines for biogas installations.

NOTE For an explanation of the Scope, see Annex A.

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