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Brazing — Qualification testing of brazers and brazing operators

This document specifies requirements for qualification testing of brazers and brazing operators for metallic materials.

This document gives general provisions on quality requirements for brazing (see Annex A).

This document applies to the following brazing processes according to ISO 857-2 and ISO 4063:2009 with local and global heating:

—    911 Infrared brazing;

—    912 Flame brazing, torch brazing;

—    913 Laser beam brazing;

—    914 Electron beam brazing;

—    916 Induction brazing;

—    918 Resistance brazing;

—    919 Diffusion brazing;

—    921 Furnace brazing;

—    922 Vacuum brazing;

—    923 Dip-bath brazing;

—    924 Salt-bath brazing;

—    925 Flux bath brazing;

—    926 Immersion brazing;

—    972 Arc weld brazing.

This document is not applicable to personnel operating brazing equipment who do not have any direct influence on the quality of the brazed joint, for example, personnel performing exclusively loading/unloading the brazing unit or just initiating the brazing cycle in automatic brazing.

The principles of this document can be applied to other brazing processes and brazing of materials not listed.

This document does not apply to brazing for aerospace applications covered by ISO 11745.

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