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Chemicals for the leather tanning industry — Determination of the total content of certain bisphenols

This document specifies a method for determining the total content (solvent extractable) of the following bisphenols in chemicals for the leather tanning industry:

     bisphenol A;

     bisphenol AF;

     bisphenol B;

     bisphenol F;

     bisphenol S.

This method requires the use of liquid chromatography (LC) with either a single quadrupole mass spectrometer (MS), a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer (MS/MS), an ultraviolet (UV) detector, a diode array detector (DAD) or a fluorescence detector (FLD) to identify and quantify the bisphenols.

NOTE 1        This method can also be used for other bisphenols if they are validated by the laboratory.

NOTE 2        Bisphenol S cannot be detected with FLD.

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