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Dentistry — Handpieces and motors

ISO 14457:2017 specifies requirements and test methods for handpieces and motors used in dentistry for treatment of patients and having patient contact, regardless of their construction. It also specifies requirements for manufacturer’s information, marking and packaging.

ISO 14457:2017 is applicable to the following:

a) straight and angle handpieces;

b) high-speed air turbine handpieces;

c) air motors;

d) electrical motors;

e) prophy handpieces.

ISO 14457:2017 is not applicable to the following:

– intraoral camera handpieces;

– powered polymerization handpieces;

– air-powered scalers;

– electrical-powered scalers;

– powder jet handpieces;

– multifunction handpieces (syringes).

NOTE See Annex A for clarification of handpieces and motor types covered by ISO 14457:2017.

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