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Flexible cellular polymeric materials — Sponge and expanded cellular rubber products — Part 2: Specification for mouldings and extrusions

This document classifies flexible cellular rubber products known as sponge and expanded rubber. The base material used in their manufacture may be natural rubber, reclaimed rubber, synthetic rubber or rubber-like material, either alone or in combination. Thermoplastic rubbers are not included. This document does not apply to latex foam rubbers or shoe soling.

This document covers vulcanized cellular rubber products that are manufactured by a moulding or continuous vulcanization process, i.e. hot air, microwave, infra-red, liquid curing medium (LCM), shearing-head vulcanization or a combination of two or more of these methods. Sheeting materials are covered by ISO 6916-1.

In the case of conflict between the provisions of this document and those of the detailed specification or test method for a particular product, the latter takes precedence. Reference to the methods specifically states the desired test or tests.

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