ISO International Standard

Geographic information — Rules for application schema

ISO 19109:2015 defines rules for creating and documenting application schemas, including principles for the definition of features.

The scope of this International Standard includes the following:

– conceptual modelling of features and their properties from a universe of discourse;

– definition of application schemas;

– use of the conceptual schema language for application schemas;

– transition from the concepts in the conceptual model to the data types in the application schema;

– integration of standardized schemas from other ISO geographic information standards with the application schema.

The following are outside the scope:

– choice of one particular conceptual schema language for application schemas;

– definition of any particular application schema;

– representation of feature types and their properties in a feature catalogue;

– representation of metadata;

– rules for mapping one application schema to another;

– implementation of the application schema in a computer environment;

– computer system and application software design;

– programming.

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