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Glass in building — Determination of the bending strength of glass — Part 1: Fundamentals of testing glass

ISO 1288-1:2016 specifies the determination of the bending strength of monolithic glass for use in buildings. The testing of insulating units or laminated glass is excluded from this part of ISO 1288.

ISO 1288-1:2016 describes

– considerations to be taken into account when testing glass,

– explanations of the reasons for designing different test methods,

– limitations of the test methods, and

– gives pointers to safety requirements for the personnel operating the test equipment.

ISO 1288‑2, ISO 1288‑3, ISO 1288‑4 and ISO 1288‑5 specify test methods in detail.

The test methods specified in this part of ISO 1288 are intended to provide large numbers of bending strength values that can be used as the basis for statistical evaluation of glass strength.

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