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Health informatics — Quality metrics for detailed clinical models

The purpose of ISO/TS 18864:2017 is to define objective, reliable and reproducible quality metrics for detailed clinical models (DCM).

ISO/TS 18864:2017 specifies the principal metrics which are necessary and sufficient to evaluate DCMs.

The intended audiences of this document are:

– DCM developers, all users of information represented using DCMs, and evaluators of DCM quality;

– clinical and IT professionals of healthcare institutions;

– technical staff in the healthcare technology industry;

– experts involved in standards development;

– national and regional healthcare information technology leadership including certification bodies.

ISO/TS 18864:2017 defines a set of quality metrics required to evaluate DCMs objectively. These quality metrics can be used to support rational decision making by DCM developers who will have the essential qualitative and quantitative quality requirements to use as guidelines as they create new content. Clinical users can then use the quantitative assessments as they select models for specific use cases and implement them in their clinical systems.

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