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Health informatics — Workforce roles and capabilities for terminology and terminology services in healthcare (term workforce)

This document specifies the tasks, roles, and key skills, requirements and competencies for personnel involved in terminology services in healthcare organizations.

This document specifies:

     terminology services in healthcare organizations including the selection, authoring, and deployment and use of terminology subsets, data sets and maps; developing and managing terminology management processes and health information management-related policies; performing terminology business analysis; and supporting the adoption, planning and deployment of terminologies;

     workforce needs to perform these services;

     job roles in the healthcare organizations and related organizations responsible for performing terminology related tasks;

NOTE            Examples of these roles include terminologist, terminology standards developer/manager, mapping specialist, data conversion analyst, interface analyst, coding specialist, data developer/designer, data modeller, and content manager [including Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) specialist].

     skill and competency level requirements to safely and effectively undertake each task, taking into account the focus of the task from the perspectives of health information and communication technology (HICT), information management, information governance including information privacy and security, clinical practice and healthcare decision making.

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