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Hollow taper interface with flange contact surface — Part 6: Receivers of types AS, CS and ES for hollow taper shanks of types AS, CS and ES

This document specifies dimensions for receivers with taper and flange contact surfaces for hollow taper shanks (HSK) in accordance with ISO 12164-5 to be applied to machine tools (e.g. machines for turning, drilling, milling and grinding).

This document specifies three types of receivers:

     type AS for automatic tool change;

     type CS for manual tool change only, via radial holes in both the receiver and the tool shank;

     type ES for automatic tool change.

NOTE 1        The receivers of types AS, CS and ES fit the HSK shanks of types AS, CS and ES (according to ISO 12164-5).

NOTE 2        HSK shanks of types AS and ES can also be changed manually.

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