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Information technology — Telecommunciations and information exchange between systems — PISN mobility-general principles and services aspects

This Technical Report (TR) analyses the requirements for the standardization of networking functions to support

mobility within one or more Private Integrated Network Exchanges (PINXs) of a Private Integrated Services Network

(PISN).It covers both Wireless Terminal Mobility (WTM) and Private Personal Mobility (PPM).

WTM is a function that allows users of Wireless Terminals (WT) to make and receive calls at any compatible radio

access within the network. Standards for WTM should be independent of the access technology used to support the


PPM enables users of a PISN to register at any suitable terminal (wired or wireless) within the network for the

making and/or receiving of calls.

This Technical Report covers the following subjects for both WTM and PPM:

– Registration procedures;

– Procedures for incoming and outgoing calls;

– Access security procedures (identification and authentication);

– Requirements for numbering, addressing and signalling;

– Requirements for management, administration and operation.

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