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Information technology — Text and office systems — Document Printing Application (DPA) — Part 3: Management abstract service definitions and procedures

The Document Printing Application is one component of a coordinated set of facilities and standards needed to

satisfy the printing requirements of the modern distributed office. Together, the capabilities provided can enable

users to create and produce high-quality office documents in a consistent and unambiguous manner within a

distributed open systems environment.

The Document Printing Application Standard (ISO/IEC 10175) consists of three parts:

Part 1: Abstract service definitions and procedures

Part 2: Protocol specification

Part 3: Management abstract service definition and procedures

This part of ISO/IEC 10175 extends the facilities specified in ISO/IEC 10175-1 by adding the capability for

administrators and operators to manage and control printers, print servers and all other print objects; in addition, this

part specifies additional capabilities for a print client to control a print job. The text and specifications contained in

this part of ISO/IEC 10175 are derived from IEEE 1387.4 (POSIX) – System Administration Part 4 – Printing

Interfaces. In particular, this part of ISO/IEC 10175:

– specifies additional administrative functions and services that may be provided by Document Printing

Application servers;

– specifies the Document Printing Application abstract service for the additional administrative functions

using the principles established by the Abstract Service Definition Conventions (ISO/IEC 10021-3);

– specifies the requirements for conformance with the Document Printing Application for these additional

administrative functions.

See clause 1 of ISO/IEC 10175-1 for a more extensive description of the Document Printing Application.

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