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Non-destructive testing of welds — Ultrasonic testing — Testing of welds in austenitic steels and nickel-based alloys

ISO 22825:2017 specifies the approach to be followed when developing procedures for the ultrasonic testing of the following welds:

– welds in stainless steels;

– welds in nickel-based alloys;

– welds in duplex steels;

– dissimilar metal welds;

– austenitic welds.

The purposes of the testing can be very different, for example:

– for the assessment of quality level (manufacturing);

– for the detection of specific discontinuities induced in service.

Acceptance levels are not included in ISO 22825:2017, but can be applied in accordance with the scope of the testing (see 4.1).

The requirements of ISO 22825:2017 are applicable to both manual and mechanized testing.

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