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Petroleum and natural gas industries — Field testing of drilling fluids — Part 2: Oil-based fluids

ISO 10414-2:2011 provides standard procedures for determining the following characteristics of oil-based drilling fluids:

  • drilling fluid density (mud weight);
  • viscosity and gel strength;
  • filtration;
  • oil, water and solids concentrations;
  • alkalinity, chloride concentration and calcium concentration;
  • electrical stability;
  • lime and calcium concentrations, calcium chloride and sodium chloride concentrations;
  • low-gravity solids and weighting material concentrations.

The annexes provide additional test methods or examples that can optionally be used for the determination of:

  • shear strength
  • oil and water concentrations from cuttings;
  • drilling fluid activity;
  • aniline point;
  • lime, salinity and solids concentration;
  • sampling, inspection and rejection;
  • rig-site sampling;
  • cuttings activity;
  • active sulphides;
  • calibration and verification of glassware, thermometers, viscometers, retort kit cups and drilling fluid balances;
  • permeability plugging apparatus with set-screw secured end cap;
  • permeability plugging apparatus with threaded end cap;
  • elastomer compatibility;
  • sand content of oil-based fluid;
  • identification and monitoring of weight-material sag;
  • oil-based drilling fluid test report form.

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