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Plastics — Melamine-formaldehyde powder moulding compounds (MF-PMCs) — Part 3: Requirements for selected moulding compounds

This part of ISO 14528 specifies the requirements for the physical and chemical properties of melamineformaldehyde

powder moulding compounds (MF-PMCs) and compression- or injection-moulded test specimens

produced from them.

It is limited to those powder moulding compounds whose composition and properties are significantly different. It is

further limited to those moulding compounds which are of general technical and/or economic importance.

The properties which are used to characterize the moulding compounds, the test methods and the test conditions

are selected from those given in ISO 14528-2.

The moulding compounds are divided into types according to their composition and properties. The various types

are designated using the designation system defined in ISO 14528-1.

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