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Pneumatic fluid power — Connections — Ports and stud ends

This document specifies dimensions and performance requirements for ports and stud ends with parallel threads (G series thread) for pneumatic fluid power applications.

It specifies reusable, positively retained seals for leak-free connections, for use at pressures from −0,09 MPa (−0,9 bar) up to 1,6 MPa (16 bar).

This document is applicable for threaded ports and stud ends specified in new designs in pneumatic fluid power applications.

WARNING — Ports and stud ends conforming to this document are not intended to connect with ports and stud ends that conform to ISO 1179 (all parts) or threads that conform to ISO 7-1.

As shown in Figure 1, significant differences in thread depth exists between ISO 16030 requirement and ISO 1179-1 (Δ1 and Δ2) that makes ports and stud ends conforming to ISO 7-1 unsuitable.

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