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Railway infrastructure — Rail mounted construction, maintenance and inspection machines — Explanation of machine type

This document describes the different modes of operation and the classification of machine types.

This document covers machines fitted with rail wheels that are used for the construction, maintenance, inspection, repair and renewal of railway infrastructure. These include:

     on-track machines (OTMs), which are specially designed for construction and maintenance of the track and infrastructure;

     infrastructure inspection vehicles, which are utilised to monitor the condition of the infrastructure;

NOTE            Inspection of the infrastructure includes measurement.

     environment vehicles, which are designed for clearance of the track from environmental conditions such as snow clearance machines;

     emergency vehicles, which are designed for a specific emergency use such as evacuation, firefighting and recovery of trains (including breakdown cranes);

     road-rail machines, which are able to move on railway track and on the ground;

     trolleys and portable machines that are manually moved along the railway track.

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