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Road vehicles — Information for first and second responders — Part 2: Rescue sheet for buses, coaches and heavy commercial vehicles

This document defines the content and the layout of the rescue sheet providing necessary and useful information about a vehicle involved in an accident/incident to support the rescue team in rescuing the vehicle occupants as quickly and safely as possible.

This document is applicable to buses, coaches and heavy commercial vehicles according to ISO 3833. This document could be applicable also to other types of vehicles using similar technologies.

The contents and layout considers that the rescue sheet has to be easy to use by rescue teams over the world and can be communicated in paper or electronic format.

Applicable pictograms for use in the rescue sheet are provided in ISO 17840-3. Information related to propulsion energy identification is given in ISO 17840-4.

The identification of the vehicle and of the model via a database using the license plate, the VIN number, an automatic emergency call system (e.g. e-Call) system or other identifiers (e.g. bar code or QR code) is not covered by this document.

The rescue process or the process of handling the rescue sheets is not covered by this document.

NOTE The template for structuring of more in-depth rescue information is given in ISO 17840-3.

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