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Road vehicles — Pedestrian protection — Head impact test method

ISO 14513:2016 specifies a test method to simulate the head impact of an adult pedestrian to the bonnet top of passenger vehicles or light truck vehicles of up to 3,5 t (GVM), as defined in ISO 3833. The impact device to be used in this test method will be robust for a vehicle impact velocity of up to 11 m/s. The test method specified addresses the reduction of an adult pedestrian head injury risk; it does not test for injuries to other regions of the pedestrian. The evaluation of injury risk to other pedestrian body regions is to be determined using other test methods. This test method does not consider downward pitching of the vehicle due to pre-impact braking. This test method and the corresponding HIC measurement utilizes a free flight head form impactor and does not consider the kinematics of the pedestrian body as a whole, nor does it consider the subsequent post-impact kinematics and potential injury risk.

NOTE The test method covers an adult pedestrian head in a simulated impact with a motorized road vehicle. Research suggests vehicle safety improvements in vehicle derived from such pedestrian impact tests may be beneficial also to bicyclists in vehicle front impact.

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