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Rough-terrain trucks — Visibility test methods and their verification — Part 1: Variable-reach trucks

ISO 18063-1:2016 applies to rough-terrain variable-reach trucks (hereinafter referred to as ?trucks’) that have a specific seated operator’s position on the left-hand side of the boom or centre position (excluding operator position on the right side of the boom).

ISO 18063-1:2016 specifies a static test method for determining and evaluating the operator’s visibility on a rectangular 1 m boundary around the rough-terrain variable-reach truck and on a 12 m radius visibility test circle. Performance requirements for visibility are specified in this document.

ISO 18063-1:2016 does not apply to

– trucks designed to handle freight containers (reach stackers),

– articulated telescopic wheel loaders,

– slewing trucks, or

– lorry mounted trucks.

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