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Small craft — Deck safety harness and safety line — Safety requirements and test methods

ISO 12401:2009 specifies the requirements for performance, sizing, marking and test methods for deck safety harnesses and safety lines on recreational craft.

It is applicable to harnesses and lines in the following sizes of body mass (multisizing is permitted):

  1. size 1: > 50 kg ;
  2. size 2: > 20 kg ≤ 50 kg;
  3. size 3: ≤ 20 kg;

which are intended to be worn by all persons when in the exposed cockpit or on the working deck of a craft afloat.

It is not applicable to dinghy ‘trapeze’ harnesses, windsurfing harnesses, seat harnesses for fast motor boats, and harnesses intended to protect against falls from a height.

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