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Steel and iron — Determination of nine elements by the inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometric method — Part 1: Determination of tin, antimony, cerium, lead and bismuth

ISO 16918-1:2009 specifies a method for analysing steel and iron for the trace element determinations of Sn, Sb, Ce, Pb and Bi using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). The method is applicable for trace elements in the mass fraction ranges (µg/g) as follows:

Sn: 5 µg/g to 200 µg/g; Sb: 1 µg/g to 200 µg/g; Ce: 10 µg/g to 1 000 µg/g; Pb: 0,5 µg/g to 100 µg/g; Bi: from 0,3 µg/g to 30 µg/g.

Interferences in the determination of trace elements using ICP-MS are listed in Annex B.

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