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Textiles — Care labelling code using symbols

This document establishes a system of graphic symbols, intended for use in the marking of textile articles, and for providing information on the most severe treatments that do not cause irreversible damage to the article during the textile care process, and specifies the use of these symbols in care labelling.

This document is applicable to all textile articles, except:

     non-removable covers of upholstered furniture;

     non-removable covers of mattresses;

     carpets and rugs which require professional carpet cleaning.

These products are excluded due to specific cleaning processes not specified in this document.

The graphical symbols described in this document are intended to give care information to the end user.

The following domestic treatments are covered: washing, bleaching, drying and ironing. Professional textile care treatments in dry and wet cleaning, but excluding industrial laundering and professional carpet cleaning, are also covered. However, it is recognized that information imparted by the domestic symbols will also be of assistance to the professional cleaner and launderer.

NOTE            Symbols for industrial laundering can be found in ISO 30023.

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