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Implants for surgery — Wear of total ankle-joint prostheses — Loading and displacement parameters for wear-testing machines with load or displacement control and corresponding environmental conditions for test


Information technology — Cloud computing — Taxonomy based data handling for cloud services


Refractory products — Determination of compressive strength at elevated temperature


Market, opinion and social research, including insights and data analytics — Vocabulary and service requirements


Implants for surgery — Ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene — Part 5: Morphology assessment method


Dentistry — Rotational adaptability test between implant body and implant abutment in dental implant systems


Hydraulic fluid power — Impact and use of ISO 11171:2016 µm(b) and µm(c) particle size designations on particle count and filter test data


Rice — Determination of amylose content — Part 1: Spectrophotometric method with a defatting procedure by methanol and with calibration solutions of potato amylose and waxy rice amylopectin


Code designated diagonal tyres (ply rating marked series) for agricultural tractors, trailers and machines — Part 1: Tyre designation and dimensions, and approved rim contours


Industrial tyres and rims — Rubber solid tyres (metric series) for pneumatic tyre rims — Part 1: Designation, dimensions and marking


Quantitative determination of antibacterial activity of ceramic tile surfaces — Test methods — Part 1: Ceramic tile surfaces with incorporated antibacterial agents


Rubber — Framework for assessing the environmental fate of tyre and road wear particles (TRWP)


Cardiovascular implants — Transcatheter cardiac occluders


Information technology — Cloud computing — Guidance for policy development


Metallic and other inorganic coatings — Measurement of the linear thermal expansion coefficient of thermal barrier coatings


Surface active agents — Water used as a solvent for tests — Specification and test methods


Rolling bearings — Static load ratings — Amendment 1


Leather — Physical and mechanical tests — Measurement of stitch tear resistance


Sodium hydrogen carbonate for industrial use — Determination of iron content — 1,10- Phenanthroline photometric method


Hydraulic fluid power — Measurement techniques — Part 2: Measurement of average steady-state pressure in a closed conduit


Health informatics — Requirements for medication safety alerts


Leather — Measuring the colour and colour difference of finished leather


Health informatics — Token-based health information sharing


Genomics informatics — Reliability assessment criteria for high-throughput gene-expression data